Helping the Burmese People

Many visitors, impressed with what they have seen, indicate that they would like to do something to help the locals but do not always know how to go about it. We are at your disposal to discuss your wishes and help you if we can; you will find some of our projects in this section.

As you set about traveling across Myanmar, you will quickly come to realise that many people live in extremely precarious conditions and you may wish to contribute one way or another to existing projects or to do your own thing but do not quite know how to go about it. 

As we have been involved in various projects across the country, do not hesitate to contact us if you need some information or help in that respect, as we may be able to use your expertise in any given field on existing or for new projects, or if you wish to participate through a financial contribution.

The focus of our efforts is primarily education related but we do not exclude other type of projects in this context; one caveat is that we will only get involved in projects where we feel confident that they will succeed. 

You will find more information about various initiatives and projects as well as details of specific education related project by european friends.





For years now, we have been involved in community projects, starting with the construction of a public library available to all children of Bagan, Our activities have grown over the years and we will continue to offer our time and resources to help those most in need in our country.

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