We have different mode of transport to discover every corner of the country. With your personal preference we can organize your trip by using private charter flight, old bus and locomotive train or in some places we can provide very eco-friendly transport mode ( i.g. biking ,ox-cart ride , leg rowing canoe ride, etc )

Six domestic flight company (exclude Myanmar Airways ) who provide good service are operating for all destination around the country. 

Myanmar Train also proposes very good schedules to Mandalay and Bagan and we can still charter the locomotive train for some trip - but avoid long train journeys if you only stay in Myanmar for a short visit.  (Remark: elderly, infants and people with poor health or back problems should avoid traveling by train as they are very shaky and the seats are not very comfortable)

Public boat from Bhamo to Mandalay and Mandalay to Bagan also provide very good opportunity to discover Myanmar.

Car / Minibus – Travelling by land is a good opportunity to see the country and visit some typical villages but you be aware that many roads in Myanmar can be very bumpy.  


For years now, we have been involved in community projects, starting with the construction of a public library available to all children of Bagan, Our activities have grown over the years and we will continue to offer our time and resources to help those most in need in our country.

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