Money changing

In Myanmar, the local currency is the Kyat which can easily be exchanged in banks and exchange offices across the country. 

We recommend that you bring brand new bank notes of the highest possible denomination (for example, US $ 100 bills). Exchange rates are better for larger denomination bills than for smaller ones. You will, however, need smaller denominations (5, 10, 20, and 50 Dollar notes) to pay for some items like a visit to temples and Museum etc. You should expect that most vendors, and even some restaurants and hotels, will not be able to make change for a 100 Dollar note. 

Important Note: Please be aware that the Dollar or Euro bank notes that you use in Myanmar should be in pristine condition. Any bank notes that are slightly creased, have small tears, or have writing or ink stamps on them, will most likely not be accepted. Some of these imperfections may hardly be visible, but you should carefully check the front and back of each bank note to make certain they are up to local standards. We can’t emphasize this enough; the bank notes need to look perfect! Also, when receiving change for a large denomination note, even at hotels and restaurants, be aware that the bank notes which are given to you may not be clean enough to use again while in the country. Double check all such bank notes and ask for newer ones if you are not convinced that they are usable.

Be aware, however, that smaller towns in Myanmar may not have money changing agents, or if they do the rate they offer is lower. Also, hotel rates are significantly lower than market rates. It is now becoming possible to pay in Euro, Thai Baht or Singapore $ on top of US $ but this is mostly the case for up-market hotels and shops.

Otherwise, 20/10/5/1-dollar notes are useful for some entry fees , small shopping and tipping etc Keep sufficient quantities of cash in both US Dollars and Kyat with you. Some shops and restaurants will quote prices in US Dollars only. Dollars are also used to pay for air, boat, and train tickets, and foreigners are required to use Dollars to pay for admission tickets to some pagodas. You should have small Kyat notes to pay for meals at local restaurants and teashops, souvenirs, and other items. Please be generous with tips for the locals, since this money significantly contributes to the locals’ overall revenue and helps their families.

Additional information on the general topic of payments, is to be found in Terms and Conditions and Credit Cards versus Cash

Please visit following link to get update information about exchange rate and information about where you can find exchange counters and ATM machine.


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