Boasting thousands of ancient religious monuments from the 11th century, Bagan is one of the best archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Bagan lies on the banks of the Irrawaddy River in an area referrred to as the dry zone area, as it receives limited quantities of rain, even during the monsoon season.

In Bagan you can stay at a nice hotel on the river, surrounded by beautiful gardens, or opt for less expensive lodging in nearby New Bagan or Nyaung U. At all hotels in the area, there are many horse-cart drivers waiting outside who can drive you around the temples and stupas. These drivers are very knowledgeable about the area and they are also good company. Otherwise, you can rent a bike, or an electric bike which are gradually replacing the old horsecarts,  and then hit the dusty trails and find your way around the temples. 

If you wake up early, there are small colorful morning markets to discover. Later, you can visit typical villages around Bagan where locals earn their living by producing handicrafts, souvenir, cotton weaving, lacquerware making, etc.

Balloon over Bagan and the sunset boat ride on the Irrawaddy River are both recommended for the traveler who desires to see the beauty of Bagan in a different way.


In November, December, and early January, there are big pagoda festivals in Bagan. This is a good time to experience a lively Burmese pagoda festival and its lovely culture.


For years now, we have been involved in community projects, starting with the construction of a public library available to all children of Bagan, Our activities have grown over the years and we will continue to offer our time and resources to help those most in need in our country.

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