Biking tours have become more popular in Myanmar in recent years. Many tourists say that this is the best way to see the country. We offer many safe routes and itineraries for bike trips, depending on how many kilometers, or days, you want to ride. We can also combine transport by vehicle and bike rides for some short distance trips. We have professional bike guides and technicians, as well as knowing a good bike shop where you can rent or buy some Trek, Greyfisher, and other brand name bikes.

Imagine biking on the rural roads of Burma (Myanmar), pausing for amazing photos, and stopping at a local teashop to sip a drink and chat with locals before continuing your journey. As you pedal along the road, you will marvel at the live show around you: local lifestyles, quaint villages, beautiful scenery, traditional culture, and the history that reveals itself along your journey.

If you are ready for such an experience, please write to us in advance. Experienced bike guides are still limited in number in Myanmar, so we need time to hire a good one for you.


For years now, we have been involved in community projects, starting with the construction of a public library available to all children of Bagan, Our activities have grown over the years and we will continue to offer our time and resources to help those most in need in our country.

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