Different levels of trekking and hiking trips are possible in Shan State, Kachin State, and Chin State. Some areas need authorization for travel, which means we need apply for a permit 2 to 3 weeks in advance. We can propose this tour throughout the year, but suggest that you avoid months during the rainy season (May through September). Customized itinerary can range from 4 days to 2 weeks, or even longer if you wish.

Kachin State 

The town of Putao is surrounded by the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, many creeks and rivers, and densely forested terrain. The highlights of this trip include walking across a suspension bridge (which is a rare experience in this modern age), beautiful and rare orchids, crystal clear water, and an unforgettable meeting with local hill tribes. Then, we can’t forget about the boat trip or rafting along the Malikha River, and visit to the natural abstract stonework on Sacred Sprit Island.

Due to the need for travel authorization, only package tours are allowed in this area. Persons travelling to Putao should be in good physical condition, as it requires a minimum of 45 minutes to 6 hours (depending on the route and itinerary) to walk though the flat terrain and over a 4000-foot high mountain. 

In this region we are working with a local team trained in Yangon. Our guides and porters know the mountain by heart, and some have been to the highest lake many times and speak the local dialect. You can benefit from our expertise in this area and the personal care we provide. We can propose different itineraries from a minimum 4 days to 2 weeks, according to your wishes.

Shan State

For Shan State, we divide into 3 sectors:

Southern Shan State (Inle /Kalaw/Pindaya) 

In Kalaw/Pindaya and Inle Lake area you can take a light trek for 4 or 5 hours on mostly flat terrain, and overnight at a local house or monastery. This will give you a unique experience of interacting with ethnic minority people, or you can enjoy a peaceful rest at the monastery. We can also propose 4 or 5 day treks in this area with a local guide who speaks many ethnic minority dialects.

Northern Shan State (Hsipaw/Kyuakme/Namsan)

Hsipaw /Kyaukme/Namsan - are situated between Mandalay and the town of Ruili at the Chinese border. From Mandalay you can take a train through the famous Goteik viaduct. This region is famous for tea production and each town is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Trekking in this region may be more difficult than in the Kalaw/Pindaya/Inle Lake area. In this region, we can also propose some boat trips and treks from 2 to 5 days.

Golden Triangle area and Kengtung 

This is place is a little bit out of reach for most tourists, due to the limited access (by plane only) and the travel cost of air fare, but most visitors are very impressed with this region of the country and some consider it their favorite. Kengtung itself is a beautiful little town with a big lake in the middle. We are trying to work together with one guide who has taken the responsibilities from his father for helping the ethnic minorities in the area. We think that it’s good to visit this area with someone who has local knowledge and is helping the locals in their daily life. We can propose programs from 4 days up to a week, visiting various ethnic villages and trekking among the lush green paddy fields.

Chin State 

We generally propose two spots in Chin State (Kanpetlet/Mindat or Sittwe/Mrauk Oo ) to those who love adventure. Kanpetlet/Mindat is accessible by road from Bagan, taking about 4-7 hours to drive from one of the nearby villages to Mount Victoria. Even though it is located very close to Bagan, the weather, environment, culture, and way of living are totally different. Along the way, and while you are in Kanpetlet or Mindat, you have a chance to trek and meet the famous local tattooed women, or enjoy the photogenic and fantastic view of the valley.

Trip to the summit of Mount Victoria is recommended only during the dry season from November to April due to weather conditions.

The lower part of Chin State shares a border with Arakan State, the location of Sittwe/Mrauk Oo.

Sittwe (located near an airport) is a small town with an interesting fish market that is very busy early in the morning. The people, culture, food, and language of Arakan State are all quite different from other regions. The techniques they use for fishing are also different from other places in the country. To reach the ancient hidden city of Mrauk Oo, you will take a boat trip from Sittwe. This journey takes about 4 to 7 hours by normal fishing boat, depending on the water level in the river. On your arrival at Mrauk Oo, you will gaze upon the vast plain scattered by ancient temples and stupas, rarely visited by other tourists. From here, you can take a small boat upstream to visit a Chin village. This 3-hour trip can be more enjoyable for the scenery you see along the way as the village itself.

For visiting any part of Chin State, we recommend a minimum of 5 days. 

Remark: we recommend that you contact us in advance if you are interested in travelling to any of these areas, as we may need to apply for a travel permit and check weather conditions, route availability, and get updated information of the region for your travelling period.


For years now, we have been involved in community projects, starting with the construction of a public library available to all children of Bagan, Our activities have grown over the years and we will continue to offer our time and resources to help those most in need in our country.

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